"The Perfect Mix" Custom Spoons

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  • EXPRESS ENGRAVED IN USA. Wood cooking spoons are designed and engraved by Print Supremacy USA - All of our products are engraved by artisans in our United States facility (carved, not printed).
  • COMFORTABLE IN HAND. Our wood cooking spoons are made from Beechwood. They are meant for lightweight and heavy duty cooking without scratching your nonstick cookware. Splinters are not gonna be a problem because our spoons are smooth in finish and edges. The long handle cooking spoon is easy to grip on without making too much effort to use.
  • STRONG, SMOOTH&DURABLE. Some spoons would break because of poor craftsmanship. Some because of frequent usage and time. Our spoons are great kitchen tools for the following: a large baking spoon, a mixing spoon, a wood cooking spoon and scraper. The spoon may be used frequently, but they retain its quality over time. It can even handle with the stickiest, toughest and thickest mixes without breaking.
  • PERSONALIZED GIFTS. If you need some decorations for a party, some props for a bridal shower, a trophy for your local cook off, or some serving spoons on a wedding reception, look no further!
  • YOUR PERSONAL PROJECT. Our wood cooking spoons are not only meant for cooking. They can be your next art project! Perfect for wood burning, puppets, crafts, painting, garden marking, decoration, etc. Unleash your creative DIY projects with these handy tools.
"The Perfect Mix" Custom Spoons
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