Nut Milk Bag 12"x12" (2 Pieces)

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  • REAL COTTON. Our grade 100 nut milk kit is made with 100% real cotton. It has a fine mesh quality that chunks will not get stuck between the threads. It can withstand high temperatures, so you may use it as an herb sachet or infuser. (Note: The milk strainer bag can shrink slightly after its initial wash).
  • GREAT FOR ALL DISHES. Our milk strainer bag is not just for milk and dairy products. You can use it to strain juices, smoothies and soups, create spreads for hors d'oeuvres and sandwiches, or brew your coffee or tea with it. 
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN. With its 12 x 12 inch pouch design, this nut milk kit comes as a drawstring bag that can make almost a full gallon of yogurt. You get 2 pieces of milk strainer bag, all wrapped in sealed vacuum packaging.
  • OTHER USES.  Besides food prep, you may use this nut milk kit as a bag to store items when you are in a pinch. You may also store potpourri, herbs, or other aromatics and hang it around the house. You may also use this as a soil bag for your starter plants!
  • MINIMAL CLEANUP. Washing this nut milk kit is a breeze. Simply turn the bag inside out and run under high-pressure water to remove the chunks. You can use mild dish soap if desired. 
Nut Milk Bag 12"x12" (2 Pieces)
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