Custom PU Leather Keychain with Photo (4 Available Colors)

Photo Leather Keychain-1
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Customizable Design. Carry cherished memories with our personalized photo leather engraved keychain wherever you go. Each PU leather keychain is custom-engraved with your chosen words and printed personal photos. You may also choose from our 15 available designs composed of 5 font choices. (Note: your text or image will be seen on Side A and B of the keychain. If you want to add more text/images on each side, please see the photos for your reference).

Durability. Crafted from high-quality PU leather, our PU leather keychain is built for everyday use. The metal sheet inside is made of zinc alloy. Your photo will be printed into the stainless steel insert. The quality of the photo will be vibrant and clear and will not fade over time.

Key Ring Holder. The PU leather keychain features a sturdy key ring holder keeping your keys securely in place and organized while on the go.
Lightweight and Portable. Compact and lightweight, our custom PU leather photo keychain is not heavy to carry around in your pocket, wallet, or bag making it convenient for daily use.

Thoughtful Present or Souvenir.  Whether for yourself or a loved one,  this personalized PU leather photo keychain makes a nice and heartfelt present or souvenirs/favors for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any special occasions.

Our custom PU leather photo keychain features a sleek zink alloy insert that keeps your memories close. Personalize it with your cherished photo or you may choose from our 15 available designs composed of 5 fonts! The text or quote you choose will be engraved onto our durable leather, and you can securely hold your keys with the integrated key ring holder. This nice blend of sentimentality and functionality makes it an ideal present or souvenir for any occasion!

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