Custom Engraved Utensil Set + Pouch

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  • Travel-friendly - No need to stress on your next meal out. This set comes with a stylish, floral case that barely takes space in your bag. No worries on losing them in your bag!
  • No-fuss wash - Washing your utensils is a breeze. Wash them with soap, rinse and store to dry. They will be ready to use in your next meal.
  • Natural, authentic wood - Wooden utensils are beneficial in a lot of ways. They are non-toxic, germ-proof, heat-resistant and scratch-proof. It is economical and eco-friendly. 
  • Customized engraved design and text - You can customize these utensils with logos, text or both. The designs are etched on the wood, not hand painted, so the design lasts for a long time. Perfect giveaway for your clients and perfect presents for your loved ones. 
  • Elegant, classic style - The perfect combo of function and style. The designs are aesthetically pleasing with lacquer sheen. These utensils will last for a long time.
Custom Engraved Utensil Set + Pouch
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