Personalized Pet Photo Wrapping Cloth / Self-Adhesive Cloth (15x15 in)

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Worried about getting dirt, scratches or any particles on your camera equipment? Protect your devices while remembering your beloved pets with our magic wrap that helps secure your devices and equipment in your bag.
Have pictures of your pets printed in our useful magic wrap that protects your devices while in your bag. Customization instructions are at checkout!

Say goodbye to worries about scratches and dirt on your precious camera gear!  Customie Gifts has the solution for you. Our magic DSLR wrap will provide extra padding and keep your equipment secured. All while showcasing your love for your furry friends! Get your pet's adorable pictures printed on our magic wrap for a personalized touch. 

You can use this wrap for your small lenses, camera, switch, steam deck, book, or ipad, but not fit for your laptop. Keep your essential devices secure inside your handbags, backpacks, or luggage while on the go. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Protect your devices with style. Customization options available at checkout. 

Color: Red, Blue, Grey, Peach
Thickness: 2mm
Weight: 5 oz / 6 oz
Size: 15x15in

How To Fold:

  1. Place the DSLR wrap on a surface with its outside layer facing down.
  2. Position the device in the middle of the camera wraps.
  3. Fold the cloth along a diagonal direction.
  4. Fold the other side the same way.
  5. Secure the opening and you’re good to go.
Personalized Pet Photo Wrapping Cloth / Self-Adhesive Cloth (15x15 in)
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