Beechwood Kitchen Spoons

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  • TAKE YOUR PICK. Our personalized cooking utensils come in various options: solid spoon, slotted spoon, slotted spatula, or the entire set. All wooden cooking spoons are 14 inches in length. With a hole at the handle, you can hang them on the wall for easier access around the kitchen. The set is perfect for preparing stuff in the kitchen and other home uses that it fits perfectly for any household.
  • 100% BEECHWOOD. The wooden cooking spoons set is made of real beechwood. They add a rustic feel to any home and kitchen.
  • GENTLE ON COOKWARE. Metal can scratch your pans while rubber can melt while cooking on high temperatures. With our personalized cookware, your pots and pans retain their pristine condition.
  • LONG LASTING. This personalized cookware may be used frequently over and over again, but they retain its quality over time.
  • GREAT HOUSEHOLD ACCESSORY. What better way to make home cooked meals more inviting than using our wooden cooking spoons? Your family and friends will appreciate these personalized cooking utensils. Give them as gifts on any special occasion or decorate them any way you like. Use them as labels, décor, gardening tools, etc. Note: Engraving may appear different in color due to the hardness of the wood, but all engraved depths are the same.
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