Wooden Utensil Set with Floral Pouch

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· Compact and portable. - No fuss with little space required. These wooden utensils are easy to bring around. Simply pack them up in the pouch and put it in your bag. Perfect for travelling light.
· Easy to clean! - Cleaning comes easier than you expect. Just wash them in warm, soapy water, rinse and dry.
· Reusable and non-toxic. – Never stress again over waste. These utensils can help lessen the amount of trash and carbon footprint around your home along with the added benefit of using organic wood as material rather than plastic.
· Simple yet elegant design. – Enjoy the novelty of Asian dining experience with chopsticks with the convenience of the spoon and fork on the side.
· Stylish floral cloth pouch. – The utensils are stored in a cute pouch with floral designs with a tie to secure them in place. The perfect combination of fashion and function.
Wooden Utensil Set with Floral Pouch
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