Perfecti Fabrics Grade 90 Cheesecloth

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  • FINE MESH QUALITY. This straining cloth has a grade 90, making it thicker compared to other cheesecloth fabrics. It has a thread count of 44x36 per square inch. Made with 100% cotton with a nearly lint-free texture. Note: Cheesecloths may have some black dots on the fabric. The dots are from the seed pots and husk from the cotton plant, a proof that they are unbleached.
  • ABSORBS WELL. Our cotton cheesecloth soaks up moisture to create cheese. This is a great kitchen tool for food preparation. Use this as a straining cloth when making tea, coffee, or jam or when filtering juice, honey, or wine. 
  • HOLDS TOGETHER. The cheesecloth fabric is durable and does not fray easily. The thread does not break apart despite frequent washing. The straining cloth can withstand some weight and high temperatures.
  • MULTIPURPOSE. This cotton cheesecloth is versatile. You may use it for cleaning and/or sewing. Turn these cheesecloth fabrics into home decors, gardening or cleaning tools. Turn this cotton cheesecloth into comfortable, breathable summer outfits. Note: Iron the cloth first before cutting for cleaner cuts.
  • REUSABLE. Use it as many times as you can. Used it as straining cloth the day before? Simply hand wash them and hang to dry. Make sure to separate cooking purposes from arts and crafts or cleaning tools to prevent mix up. Cut the cotton cheesecloth to different parts.
  • Perfecti Fabrics Grade 90 Cheesecloth
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